::Aggressive HIV/AIDS Patients Being Implanted With Microchip!::

This is definitely a story you have to see to believe. This is not happening in the United States, yet, but it is still a scary thought.
I am on the fence about which side to support. I do not agree with taking away anyone’s rights. However, if someone who is knowingly affected with HIV/AIDS and still seeking unprotected intercourse (without telling their partner) they are taking away their partner’s freedom. Therefore someone has to defend the innocent and unknowing. Not to mention we are speaking of Indonesia, not America, where access to condoms and sex education might be scarce and lead to more unsuspecting victims.

In Papua, the HIV prevalence is 15 times the national average at 61 cases per 100,000 people (Karmini, AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune).
According to the Jakarta Post, the microchips would only be implanted in people living with HIV/AIDS who are labeled as “aggressive.” Manangsang said, “Aggressive means actively seeking sexual intercourse” (Flassy, Jakarta Post, 11/22). According to the AP/Star Tribune, a committee would be created to establish which HIV-positive people should be implanted with microchips and to monitor their behavior. The technical and practical details of the bill are still being decided by lawmakers.
Critics of the bill say it is discriminatory toward people living with HIV/AIDS and a violation of human rights. Constan Karma, executive director of the Papua AIDS Commission, said the law “will violate the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS because they will be implanted with microchips.”

This is a very touchy subject with no clear right or wrong answer. It is hard to say one person’s rights are more important than another’s.

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