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I posted an article about 3 weeks ago entitled CSU System Makes Cuts, I informed readers that the CSU and UC system would be making cuts in the number of freshman applicants they plan to admit in Fall 2009.
Now an ever bigger problem faces college students.
Even if you do get accepted paying for college is not an easy ride!
Most parents planned a college fund in the form of the stock market. However with the market plummeting everyday there is no money to pay for a higher education.
Most lower and middle class families need to re-evaluate their plans.
Unfortunately getting good grades in high school is no longer enough.

“College tuition continues to outpace family income and the price of other necessities, such as medical care, food and housing,” the center said. College tuition and fees, adjusted for inflation, rose 439 percent from 1982 to 2007, towering over increases in medical care, housing and food, according to the report. Median family income rose 147 percent during the same period, the report said.
“The nation’s colleges and universities have become less affordable for students and their families since the early 1990s,” it said. “This year continues the trend in deteriorating college affordability in the majority of states.

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