A Story Of Sportsmanship

I first heard this amazing story on KISS FM on my way to school Wednesday. Ryan Seacrest was taking about this girls youth soccer team who made it to the state championships and could not afford to take the trip to Davis.
The second place team’s coach, who would have gone to the championship by default, tried to raise money for the first place to team to take the trip. Ryan some how heard about this lady’s amazing effort to raise the fund necessary for the first place team to attend the championships simply because the deserved to go. This is an amazing story of doing the right thing and setting an example for all the girls involved. Keep in mind these are girls around the age of ten, the time in their lives where they are most impressionable.
It turns out that the girls on the winning team are from low income families, many parents have lost their jobs in this tough economy. So KISS FM arranged transportation to and from Davis in the for a limos and buses. They also provided the team with rooms for the weekend and a huge hospitality party when they arrive.
The Los Angeles women’s soccer team, The Sol has arranged for both teams to attend their season opening game on Sunday. The girls get to be on the field and high five The Sol as they get ready to play.
This is honestly such an amazing story.

Listen to the radio interview here

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