Jeana Tales

Airport Security

I really just do not understand all the crazy security at the airports in the midwest. I fly out of LAX just fine and yet every time I come home I am stopped by security.

Today; the guy proceeds to tell me that he needs to search my computer bag. When I question for what he says, just look through it. But it is my right to know why he needs to further inspect my bag. This is when he tells me my blackberry with rhinestones on it might be a bomb. Because apparently he is some super nerd who knows a lot about “bad guys.”

Second he made me transfer all my liquids, I carried on my luggage so I had shampoo face wash the whole deal, into a one quart bag. When they didnt fit he just took out the lip gloss and said, “I wont worry about that today.” Umm, what?
Furthermore when the tiny bag jammed with my stuff does not close all the way he still lets me keep all my items and continue to the gate.
Even worse, he didnt even check the rest of my suit case. He just consolidated the two bags that I already had. Completely over looking my deodorant, which is not a solid.

I get it, he was cutting me a break. But if he going to give me a break why take the time to go through all that in the first place. Not to mention, if he is giving people breaks, how does he know he wont give a break to a “bad guy?”
I just dont understand why LAX is so simple and yet the midwest makes things so difficult.

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