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::California State Schools & Budget Crisis::

I am really angry right now!
Not only has the state of California canceled most of the required sections for the Fall term, they have now canceled summer classes as well.
I need to take two summer classes to make my final two semesters a little easier.
I registered for two online classes and one was canceled. To top it off, all the other online classes are full.
My sociology class that was canceled was full plus people waited listed to add.
The reason for canceling the class was the current economic situation.
Can anyone explain to me how an online class cost the university any money?
We all pay tuition, twelve hundred dollars for six units to be exact, that would cover the professors’ salary.
Since the class if fully online the students would not be using the resources of the campus; lights, water, ect.
I do not see how cutting an online class saves money.
Why not cut classes that are on campus which cost the university money in electricity, janitors, water?
The college system does not make sense, and they wonder why it takes five to six years to attain a degree it takes privet school only four years to complete.

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