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It was an early morning today, not really but it is when you are use to sleeping in.
Waking up at seven after a not so good night’s sleep.
Austin and I set out for the quick “nine” block walk to UCSF.

Long story short, it was no where close to nine blocks away, but at any rate it was a nice early morning walk. The campus its self is really nice, a little less grass than I am use to seeing. It has such an urban and contemporary feel, which I fell in love with!

Matt kicked the morning off with a quick hello and got our day underway!

I spent the morning bouncing around from upstairs to downstairs.
When lunch came around everyone was ready to eat!
Automattic did a wonderful job of putting this wordcamp together. We had a great lunch with all you can eat BBQ! YUMMY!
I ended up stuffing myself, which made me incredibly sleepy for the entire afternoon session.

Our group also made the mistake of staying for Tara Hunt’s presentation.
I thought what she had to say was useful and important. However her presentation was almost unbearably boring. Every slide had words of exactly what she was saying! Like I said her information was useful, she just need to present it in a better manner.

I actually learned a lot about WordPress and how to draw a following to my blog.

The good things about any WordCamp:
1. You can meet and network with a lot of amazing people.
2. Its a fairly inexpensive weekend spent in a new city.
3. You take away what you put in.
4. You will get access to some of the best and influential people in the industry.
5. You do not have to be a coder or developer to attend. I know nothing about that and always have fun.

I recommend attending just one of these if you are even slightly interested in WordPress.

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