Pet-Friendly Airline

Pet Lovers

For all those pet lovers out there, a better way to take your pets has finally arrived!

Starting July 14th pets will be allowed to fly coach and not in the cargo area!
Not to mention they will get potty breaks!

Among the airline’s amenities, dogs and cats — known as “pawsengers” — won’t have to ride in the cargo hold anymore, but instead get their own secured crate in coach. Before departure, they can relax in a pet lounge or enjoy a walk by an attendant. And on cross-country flights, PetAirways makes stops and removes “pawsengers” from the plane so they can take a potty break.


Of course this is not going to be a cheap way to travel, however if you must make long trips with your four legged family members it is better to have them by your side instead of by the suitcases!

Check out the full story, including pricing here

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