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A Reminder

During the past year I have grown use to rising at 5:45 am to get ready and head to campus to study before classes. However, this summer I have been lazy. I have put off my work outs and slept in. When I have made it to the pool it has been in the afternoons, when the lanes are crowded and the work outs are mediocre.

I made a decision yesterday to apply myself to my athletic goals this summer. So when that alarm went off this morning at 5:00 am I was confused and then I began to dread getting out of my cozy warm bed and putting on my cold swimsuit. Even worse, I was dreading that initial plunge into the pool. When the cold water shocks my body and all I want is a warm shower and my sweats.

Despite it all I got out of bed and made it to the pool.

My workout was mild, working more on endurance than speed. However, while doing six kick backstroke drill I saw the sun rise behind the marine layer that shelters Santa Monica. It was in this moment that I was reminded of why I feel in love with swimming, besides the competition.

There is an amazing amount of self exploration that takes places during a swimming workout. There is no interaction with team mates. No one to talk to and take my mind of how much my legs are burning. The only person there to push me to go faster is me. It is complete solitary. Once I accepted this self induced seclusion, I was surrounded by peace. The peaceful state that I had lost sight of for many years.

This morning my passion for swimming was renewed, but also my appreciation for how wonderful life truly is. I was able to witness the calmness that exists in the world at 5:00 am. Before the sound of kids screaming, cars honking, cell phones ringing, and the reminder of all the deadline left to meet.

I was reminded that no matter how busy life gets, we should all take a moment to appreciate all the beauty this world has to offer.

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