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I remember watching the Crossfit games on New Years day 2012 in Vegas and thinking, “This looks amazing, I want to try it.” Almost a year and half later I finally did it, I took my first Crossfit class! I stopped worrying about how out of shape I am. I stopped obsessing about how uncoordinated I will look. And I stopped wondering what everyone would think if I have to vomit mid workout. Truth be told, no one else cares what I look like during the WOD and sooner or later everyone vomits. The most important thing to remember, Never Give Up!


My favorite part of Crossfit is the challenge. It has been a while since I pushed myself this hard. In a close second, is the community. I love that others provide support when they have finished their workout. I love knowing that my friends are pushing themselves just as hard, even though none of us go to the same box.

After just a few Crossfit workouts I feel myself getting stronger. I see the difference in my gym workouts; I am able to lift more weight and correctly execute more reps. Its slowly getting easier to get up at 5:00am and most importantly, I am starting see results!


I am now ready to take the next step, to start being more strict with my diet. Every day I am amazed by how I am able to sculpt my body. I have said it before, and it could not be more true, I cannot postpone turning 30, but I can control how I look and feel when it happens.

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