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Friday Tradition, Golf

Like most people, the pandemic gave Austin and I time to return to old hobbies; unfortunately, most of LA also picked up/returned to golfing. 🤣 We’ve recently discovered a par 3 course on the westside of the 405 (big win there). Needless to say, we’re obsessed.

Because Hero’s is a par 3 (& close to our house) it’s easy for us to get to the course, play 9 holes, and get home in time for morning meetings. It’s truly the best Friday Tradition Austin and I have started.

I’d be remiss not to mention this Friday Tradition was not entirely my idea. In full transparency, I use to hate par 3 courses. I didn’t like walking, I’d rather have a cart. I hate the pressure. I’d rather chill in the cart with a cold beverage if I have a bad tee. But, a few weeks ago on my (weekly) team call we talked about creating our ideal day NOW, rather than waiting until we hit a specific goal.

I gave this idea a lot of thought- what my day consisted of when I have my best. It turns out, I only need a few things..

  • Sunshine
  • Time with Austin
  • Time with Anela & Kamea
  • Physical exercise
  • Mental challenge
  • A little quiet time to focus on my goals

As you can see, golf checks most of these boxes.

I knew I didn’t want to play 18 holes at a course where I had to sit in traffic, that was completely unfeasible for me and also sounded like a nightmare; but I do like to move my body, be outside, and a course close to home allows me to keep my scheduled morning walk with Kamea.

When I first proposed this idea to Austin he actually laughed a little, knowing my past distain for par 3 courses; but, we did it anyway. We agreed to go into the game with an open mind, focus on the quiet time (without phones), and enjoy each other’s company. For the past month we have made Friday Golf a priority; needless to say its done wonders for our game but also out marriage.

Finding quality time to spend together outside of our house simply required a little self reflection, an open mind, and willingness to try.

The moral of the story, start creating your ideal day NOW. Stop waiting for the promotion, to hit a goal, or for the weekend. Life is way too short to live completely on autopilot. Find a way to incorporate things you love every day.

There are solutions if you’re open to solving the problem. 😊

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