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Preparation: Fly with Your Dog to Cabo

There is a decent amount of general information about flying with your dog, but not Cabo specifically, and it all feels scattered (to me). I am going to do my best to simplify what you need to know to fly with your dog to Cabo!


We flew Alaska, LAX to SJD and stayed at Secrets Los Cabo. In addition, this information is based on my experience flying with Kamea. She is 10 lbs and flew in the cabin with us. 


After you make your airline reservation call to add your pet to your reservation. This is important because airlines only allow so many pets in cabin, service or paid, so you want to ensure your fur baby has their “seat”. It is $100 each way, you pay the attendant each way. 
Note: Once you add a pet to your reservation you will not be able to checkin online, you will have to see an attendant; allow time for that on your day of travel.
FYI: You will likely have to check a bag as your dog counts as your personal item on the flight.


Much like the flight, once you have decided on a dog friendly resort call to add your pet to the reservation. The resort will likely email you a list of their specific requirements, which I found were a little more detailed than Mexico for this specific resort. 
The requirements were also easy to find on the resort’s website.

Four (4) months before our flight I scheduled an exit exam with our veterinarian, for lack of a better term. In addition, I emailed the specific requirements for the resort so she would know in advance what was needed before we left the country, each resort is different.

Here you can find information for transporting pets from the US to Mexico.

Three (3) months before our flight I started working with Kamea on getting into and staying in her travel bag. This is important because she does not normally need or use a bag, so I wanted her to feel comfortable. I purchased the Roverlund Out of Office in large (because she has long legs). Kamea did great, there was plenty of room for her to stand, turnaround, and stretch out.    

One (1) month before our flight I refilled all of Kamea’s medication. She is highly allergic so I wanted to ensure we had enough of her medication in case (and she ended up needing it). 
Kamea’s (semi-)regular medication is apoquel, prescription hydrocortisone cream, and benadryl (over the counter). In addition, I had gabapentin filled in case of an emergency.

Five (5) days before we flew I had my veterinarian come give Kamea a once over in addition to her monthly Cytopoint (for allergies) and we reviewed the requirements for Mexico and the resort. In addition, she issued a health certificate.

After this visit I made three copies (3) of Kamea’s documents. One for arriving in Cabo, one for the resort, and one for arriving at LAX. I placed these in my carry one for easy access.

Note: Alaska airlines, Mexico, nor the resort requires a health certificate (any longer) but my veterinarian issued one anyway to be on the safe side.

Stay tuned for day of Travel tips: Fly with your dog to Cabo! Do not worry my fellow Type-A pet pawrents, I will have a packing check list for you.🩷

PS: Check out Kamea’s instagram for more on her first flight!

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