::Knotts Scary Farm, UPDATED::

Austin and I are heading out in about 1 hour for a last minute trip to Knotts Scary Farm!

UPDATE 10/30

Knotts Scary Farm was fun, well scary fun. It always gets me when people jump out from the dark and yell at me!

Plus Austin make me go through a maze, which I am def. not a fan of. After all the people dressed up would scare me, they laughed at me for being scared. Kind of mean.

At least I was not one of the girls who ran around screaming and then got chased by the scary people.

And I did forget just how ghetto Knots Berry Farm is.
I just wanted to scream at all the fat people eating more junk food and drinking beer.

I know a thick body is heaven in some cultures. However a woman’s tummy should NEVER stick out father than her boobs. Seriously!