::What Are You Going To Be?::

If you are like me, I always come up with amazing Halloween costume ideas in like April and forget all about them when it comes Halloween time, I should really write my self a note in my pink blackberry.
Anyways, I am always stuck searching for a costume that I think is super hot the week before or even worse the week of.
I end up more frustrated and stressed out from driving around to all the local costume shops, not to mention how tiring it is to keep trying out costumes that just do not work.

But this year I wised up and started shopping on the internet!
I went through about a million site, j/k, but it was a lot.
Most were all frumpy old people costumes, I want to look hot on Halloween!

I did end up finding not only my costume but my dog’s costume too, on Halloween Costumes.com!

After browsing all of the amazing costumes, I finally chose to be a super sexy police officer!
I thought this would best fit my personality because I like to be in charge!
Plus the hand cuffs could come in handy later that night. 😉

What else could my best friend be but a run away prisoner.
I me she does like to run and of course looks amazing in black and white.

If you are a last minute shopper, like me, and still in need of a Halloween costume, hurry over and check them out!