Two Women Walk For Equal Rights

Since California banned gay marriages the streets of LA have been filled with protesters, enraged that their civil liberty was taken away.
However two women decided to take their protest a little further. They are marching from West Hollywood to San Francisco.
Talk about inspiration and dedication!

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“Well we were a little devastated after the passage of proposition 8. The day after the election we started marching in the streets. We went to a rally in West Hollywood,” said Tracie Jones, Prop 8 opponent.
Tracie Jones and Valerie Paget have now taken their message to the streets.
The Southern California couple who has been together for more than a decade. The two said the passage of Prop 8 affects them personally.
“Just to kind of make a statement that we’re here. We’re your neighbors, we’re your sons and daughters, we’re your co-workers,” said Jones.
So to continue the fight, the two have decided to march about 450 miles starting from West Hollywood Park to the California Supreme Court in San Francisco.
Action News caught up with the two today near Santa Maria.
“Part of the purpose of our walk is to really represent that voice and keep it. Bring a certain sustenance to that voice and sustain it for a bit of time,” said Valerie Paget, Prop 8 opponent.
The couple started walking since November 18th and so far the journey has allowed them to collect hundreds of signatures for a “Revoke Prop 8″ petition.
Prop 8 supporters said the issue has already been decided.
“It’s crazy, they should just let it be. You know if they want to try and make it pass in a couple more years then try but right now it’s passed and that’s the way it should stay,” said Patrice Mongillo, Prop 8 supporter.
Despite the passing of Prop 8, Jones and Paget feel like other couples they too should have rights.
“We would just like that recognized and treated equally,” said Jones.

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