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Smash Your Anger

While reading my current issue of Psychology Today I came across an innovative new business to help people release anger.
Sarah Lavely got the idea for her business, Sarah’s Smash Shack, after experiencing a painful divorce herself and finding relief by breaking the possessions they once shared.
At Sarah’s Smash Shack located in San Diego, customers can bring their own belongings or buy some from Sarah. She even provides markers so patrons are able to personalize the item before breaking it!
This is such an amazing idea, why no one has thought of this before is beyond me. I myself have experienced extreme anger when I just want to throw something. I wish there was a business like this around for me to take some aggression out on.
Sarah’s Smash Shack has been featured in the San Diego Tribune as well as Psychology Today.
If you live in the San Diego area I would recommend checking this place out next time you feel angry!

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