Adaptogen Elixir

I am OBSESSED with this Adaptogen Elixir!

Why?! This single product promotes better sleep, reduction in stress, immune and gut health. It is literally a one stop shop!

I have been consuming this product daily since July 2021- I have never slept better. I use to wake up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep (aka shut my brain off), but since about August of 2021 I have not had an issue with going back to sleep. 

The power of Adaptogen Elixir: A unique blend of healing herbs, botanicals, and adaptogens to help manage daily stress.

Ashwagandha– Time- tested relaxation adaptogen used throughout the world. 

Astragalus– Healing herb supports immune health.

Eleuthero root– Brain booster, improved focus and cognitive function. 

Rhodiola– A versatile botanical helps manage the impact of physical and mental stress.

Schisandra– Physical fatigue fighter also known as the endurance adaptogen.

What is Adaptogen Elixir?

Adaptogen Elixir is a bubbly blend of adaptogens and kombucha to give you the balance you need to live life with less stress. It’s a dietary supplement designed to support your ability to adapt to stress that combines kombucha from black tea leaves with root extracts from astragalus, eleuthero, rhodiola, ashwagandha, and schisandra fruit. Its refreshingly tart kombucha tea flavor is complemented with a subtle hint of rose.

Who can consume Adaptogen Elixir?

Adaptogen Elixir is suitable for adults 18 years and older. It’s always recommended that you consult with your doctor about your dietary supplement use while pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have a medical condition.

Is Adaptogen Elixir packaging recyclable?

Yes, our Adaptogen Elixir packaging is 100% recyclable. Please dispose of the glass bottle and box responsibly.

Is Adaptogen Elixir suitable for Vegans?

Yes, our Adaptogen Elixir is vegan and cruelty free.

Why you’ll love it

DO MORE, STRESS LESSAdaptogen Elixir supports your body during active resistance from stress for an extended time. Your body can adapt, deal, and move on.

LIGHTEN UP– 15 calories; 0 grams of added sugar

100% RECYCLABLE BOTTLES– Keeping the Earth just as balanced as you are.

READY FOR SERENITY WHEN YOU AREAdaptogen Elixir be taken any time of the day whenever you need a shot of calm.

Purchase your serenity here, with a 30 day money back guarantee.