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Healthy Pets=Healthy Mouths

I had been noticing my beautiful babies’ breath smelling worse and worse by the day.

I did have the older one’s teeth cleaned when she was spayed, and I thought that was all she needed.

I rarely feed my dogs table scraps and their diet mostly consists of dry food in an effort to reduce tarter build up.

My little ones are not huge fans of doggy treats, they pretty much only eat Greenies. But with all the negative research about Greenies they do get those too often. If you have not read about the negative effects of greenies, click here.

I really only feed them Greenies because I thought that Greenies helped prevent tarter. But after years of eating Greenies there was little improvement.

I do brush their teeth from home but I could never manage to get rid of that tarter.

I did some research and I was extremely excited to finally find an anesthesia free teeth cleaning.
They offer this service every Thursday at Health Spot.

Today was my babies to get their teeth cleaned at Health Spot. I was anxious to have my chichis kiss my faces without that awful smell! I had no idea how much I was benefiting them.

While I was dropping off my little ones I met this really friendly lady and her adorable little dog.
It turns out she is the founder of Healthy Mouth!
Healthy Mouth is a product you put in your dog’s or cat’s water to reduce tarter build up. Genius! It makes the trips to get their teeth clean less and makes brushing their teeth at home easier.

Karen was so friendly and had was full of information that I needed.

I like to think of myself as a knowledgeable pet owner. I felt like I knew information the average pet owners did not. That was until I met Karen and the Healthy Spot staff.
I had no idea that small dogs are prone to tarter build up and tooth decay. Not to mention the health problems associated with dental disease. Between the Healthy Spot staff and Karen I learned ways to improve my dogs’ health and more important their life span.

I do not remember the lady’s name who actually does the teeth cleaning, however she was amazing with my little ones. My tan baby is not so willing to go with strangers. When I got them back they were happy and their tails were wagging, I could tell my babies were well taken care of. This lady also had information on what are good treats for my chihuahuas to eat. What is easier for them to digest and tips to make brushing their teeth easier!

I think at the very least visit the Healthy Mouth website and learn more about your pets’ health.
I really do recommend getting your pets’ teeth cleaned at Health Spot and purchasingHealthy Mouth.

The teeth cleaning is really not that expensive, the price does depend upon the tarter build up.
It really is all about our babies being happy and living a long life. Through these resources you can make that happen.

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