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::Twenty-Five Facts About Me::

Some of my friends have posted facts about themselves.
I decided to do the same.
The real challenge was trying to sum myself up in twenty-five facts.
Here they are, in no particular order………

1. Rarely is anyone able to pronounce my name right on the first try.
2. I LOVE the color pink.
3. I use to hate dogs, all dogs. Now I love my two more than anything.
4. I have swam competitively for most of my life, eight-teen years.
5. I love tattoos and view them as art.
6. I have a “genius” IQ.
7. I like math and chemistry.
8. I have lived in five different states and over ten different homes/apartments.
9. My favorite thing to do is swim when its raining.
10. I have no desire to have kids.
11. I hate grocery shopping.
12. I adore country music.
13. I have not seen my extended family in thirteen years.
14. I despise liars.
15. I have had less than five girl friends in my life.
16. I either love you or hate you. Either way I am not shy about my feelings.
17. I have never been wrong about my first impression.
18. I love wearing high heels even though I am 5’10” without shoes.
19. I have an addiction to shoes and tanning.
20. I love any show that involves prison, crime, and police.
21. I would rather watch a movie at home than go to a bar.
22. I know how to cook but choose not to, I believe it is a sexist ritual.
23. I refuse to associate with people who choose to remain ignorant.
24. I hate being late, I am always ten minutes early.
25. I love my boyfriend, I am thankful for him.

Some people close to me feel I left out some very important facts about myself. So I decided to add five more fact and make it thirty!

26. I hate chipped nail polish and must get it fixed immediately.
27. I organized my closet in order of sleeve length and color.
28. I love good tequila more than I should.
29. I watch way too many Lifetime movies.
30. I am extremely ticklish, everywhere.

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