::North Carolina Sex Offenders On MySpace::

I know I always wonder if the strange person messaging me, tweeting with me or whatever, is who they claim to be. However I have been blessed with an amazingly cynical attitude most do not have.
Therefore these young teens are getting suckered into meeting people in person and basing their self worth upon what strangers say to them.
The most unfortunate side affect of the internet is how easy it is for these pervert to access the innocent.

More than 2,100 registered North Carolina sex offenders were found on the social networking site MySpace, the state attorney general’s office said Tuesday.
MySpace turned over the names, IP and e-mail addresses of 2,116 convicted North Carolina sex offenders found on its social networking Web site.

Sex offenders on social networking sites is not a new issue. Last month, Newsweek magazine reported that Facebook said it had removed 5,585 convicted sex offenders from its site between May 2008 and January 2009. MySpace also announced it had removed 90,000 sex offenders in a two-year period, the magazine said.

After discussions with the group, MySpace became the first social networking site to develop technology aimed at finding and removing sex offenders, the North Carolina statement said. Cooper is pushing Facebook to take similar steps.

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