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::Photos From Blog World/Word Camp Vegas::

It was a weekend jam packed full of how to improve blogs, increase blog traffic, make money while working from home and charity events. Everyone from Fat Burger to Pro Blogger were in Vegas this weekend as everyone to learn, teach and network.
Most of the networking I did took place at the after parties! There was plenty going on but I only made it to a few events: Jet and Lavo on Friday night followed by the Hilton on Saturday night!
I had a wonderful time this hanging out with friends from Los Angeles, The Hawkins and the Sandersons and making new ones! With the Budlight open bar it was hard not to get a little crazy!
It seems like I was in Vegas for a two weeks, I am happy to be home and back to my normal routine.
I love Vegas, but I am ready for a break from Sin City.

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