::LA Street Food Fest::

Today, February 13th, was the first LA Street Food Fest, co-founded by a friend, SauceLA.

I could not resist all these food trucks in one spot, what an awesome idea. I finally managed to drag Austin away from his computer and head downtown about 11. Perhaps a big mistake leaving so late, but it ended up working out in our favor. Parking was a little scarce even with the paid lots, not surprising for downtown. We got in line just in time to discover, via twitter, friends were in line towards the entrance. We are not stupid, we headed to the front of the line which saved us about an hour of drooling time.

Once inside our first stop was Komodo. Only serving tacos today, I suspect to save time. However; the tacos were amazing. giving all other Asian-fusion food trucks a run for their money.

Next I headed straight for the sweets! Stopping at the Sweet Truck. I could not resist the red velvet cookie! I was not disappointed.

Today was an amazing day in Los Angeles. The temperature downtown was around 75 degrees. Perfect for the food fest and making the Get Shaved Ice truck a necessity. The line was short at this truck but the wait was long. However, it was worth the wait to enjoy my little shaved slice of heaven.

I was dying to get a cheesy mac and rib sandwich today from The Grilled Cheese Truck, but the line was just too long. I love grilled cheese but I was not willing to dedicate an hour to standing in line to get one. Until next my cheesy friends.

The last stop of the day was Fressers for a pastrami sandwich. Well half a sandwich actually. The pastrami was good, but the portion was small for $5. Maybe on a regular day the sandwiches are bigger and more filling.

If you rode your bike to LA Street Food Fest you got a free bike valet and got to skip the general admin line. Great idea!! Its a way to be green, save time and money. Austin and I almost rode our bikes to downtown, I was just concerned about the fifteen mile ride back home after all the sun, food and standing.

The tables set up selling items was a great idea! I got an awesome bracelet from <a href="LA Street Food Fest” target=”_blank”>FleaMarket Girl. He had great items. I could have spent an hour shopping at his section alone!

I would have liked to check out some additional trucks, but the lines just started getting too long. I heard something like 15,000 people were in attendance of today’s event. All in all I thought the first Street Food Fest was great. Five bucks to get in and discounted specials from all the trucks. It was a great time to soak up some rays after all the rain and do a little networking. Great job!!

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Photos by Austin Passy.