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::CSUN Professor Injured By Police In Walkout::

There were many videos taken Thursday March 4th as California State University, Northridge students protested against the budget cuts to California’s education. Few videos show the dramatic events this particular video captured.
I am not aware of the full story since I was not present.
I know what other professors on campus are saying….

Seventy-four year old Karen Baird was participating in the non-violent protest on the corner of Reseda and Nordhoff on March 4th. The police viewed her as a threat and hit her with a billy club. Karen Baird has a broken arm, the fracture is close to her shoulder. Her expected recovery is six months to a year.

Now how police can view a seventy-four year old woman as a threat is beyond my comprehension.
However, if you listen closely it is clear other students are provoking the police officers. That is no excuse but sometimes innocent people get injured because of other’s stupid actions.

Watch for yourself……

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