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::My Take On The Streamy Awards::

Sunday April 11th host the 2nd annual Streamy Awards. The internet famous flocked the Orpheum Theater to get in on the action, only to complain the next day.

The night began with an inaudible number accompanied by dances who feel more than a baby learning to walk. I knew the night was headed for trouble when the host’s best joke revolved around him masturbating on chat roulette.
I thought the skits were awkward, but they are on all award shows. Perhaps these were made more so due to bad acting rather than bad writing. The streakers were a wonderful reminder that the female body is far superior to the male physique. I was more outraged by the horrible outfits than the R rated language.

I have read a few reviews written by nominees apologizing to their fans. I am left wondering if the nominees are apologetic because of a few bad words or because they did not win a Streamy.
I do believe the awards show as a whole lost sight of the reason everyone was in attendance. That being said I do not believe the show was as awful as a few drama queens have made it out to be. I am sure the 2nd Oscars was not a smooth production either. The mishaps of the 2nd annual Streamys can be attributed to the lack of respect the nominees showed for each other rather than a poor production.

I believe everyone can learn from mistakes and should focus on the positive aspects of the awards; such as spreading the word about the Streamys, but more importantly celebrating how far the internet has come.

Thank you to all those who spent long hours working on the Streamys, I look forward to next year.

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