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::I Did It::

✨I did it!✨

I passed a test.

I know, to most of you that doesn’t seem so monumental; and in complete transparency, I didn’t know it would be.

You see I had my NASM continuing education course test scheduled for June.
Then September.
Then October.
Finally, November 15.
The VERY last day I could take it.🤦🏼‍♀️

I was scared.

Not of testing per se, I have successfully completed college, grad school, + the LSAT. I WAS a great test taker. But two days before my September test date I took a practice final + failed, horribly.

I began to doubt myself.

My ability to digest + retain new information.
My ability to simply remember what I had JUST read.
It all felt like a struggle since my accident.

If you know me, you know I’m stubborn + don’t give up.
So, in mid October I leaned into the nutrition that saved my life in hopes it would (further) heal my brain.

I began cleansing regularly.
I took adaptogens at least once a day.
I never skipped a nutritionally dense, macro balanced shake.
I added probiotics + brain boost to my routine.

I began sleeping better.
I was able to form sentences utilizing my full vocabulary with ease.
My memory + mood improved.

The result?

Besides passing my ce exam.
I am more confident.
My relationships are stronger.
My belief is unshakeable.

Y’all, I loved this nutrition when I started almost 2 years ago. It provided me with “fast” food that blessed my body + I had an amazing physical transformation.

I loved this nutrition when my neurologist said he had never seen someone with my (brain) injury recover so quickly without a catalog of side effects.

Now, I have an entirely new love + obsession with this nutrition for returning my brain (+ life) to normal.

I know this nutrition is amazing.
I know it is life changing (I am proof).

But, sis, I’m not here to convince you. I’m just here to share my story + welcome you with open arms when you’re ready. 💖

For those who have loved me along this journey, specifically you Austin, thank you. My heart is full.

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