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I’m celebrating; this was delivered last week.

When I open my front door to a blue box with the @isagenix logo instead of the traditional brown for products I was confused.

When I opened the blue box my eyes filled with tears.
Not because of the award.
Not because this symbolizes hard work.
But Isagenix took the time (& money) to mail this award to me because #Celebration2021 was virtual this year.

More than all of that, this award symbolizes the lives I helped in the height of lockdown.

(Last year) When so many were wondering if they could find food & how they would pay for it I helped people (seamlessly) get pure nutrition to their doors & money in their bank accounts.

To those who have trusted me with their wellness journey, Thank you!

To my amazing mentors, Thank you for pouring life into me.

To my fellow Isagenix (Crystal Executive) award winners, Congratulations; we’re just getting started!!

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