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Just One

I can’t have just one.

If you’ve followed me for a while you know earlier this year I gave up mindless reality TV.

In June, while packing for a trip, I thought I could watch just one episode of a Bravo show and be done.

I was wrong.

Two months and many seasons later I forced myself to do a little (self)reflection

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence the same month I started watching mindless TV again is the same month my business dropped, reading has been almost nonexistent, my social drinking increased, and my workouts became less intense.

What I’ve realized is, I can’t have just one.

I can’t have just one piece of candy.
I can’t have just one glass of wine.
I can’t watch just one episode of TV.
I can’t do just one workout.
I can’t look at just one Instagram account.
I can’t read just one article. 

It’s not in me.
I am obsessive. 

Moving forward, I have to be extreme. I have to say no to the bad habits in order to focus on my big goals.

Because the one thing none of have is time and I can’t afford to lose focus (again).

Maybe this resonates with you; if so, know you’re not alone but you’re also in control of your choices. 

Maybe you know someone like me; if so, please don’t pressure them to do things in moderation because I promise you they don’t know what moderation is.

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  • Jessy Munch

    And this is why I don’t drink. I can’t just have one. This is also why I don’t have social media. I can’t just get on and get off and get sucked In and waste so much time and it definitely affects my mental state. Daily struggles of one not being enough in so many ways! I can so relate!