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Financial Health

A key component of health includes financial health

Many people talk about a second stream of income, most assume people have 2 jobs because 1 doesn’t pay enough or making money while you sleep is only for the wealthy.

The reality is a second stream of income is the ability to choose AND it’s an option for everyone.

For me the ability to choose has been imperative multiple times in the past 4 years.

  • First, when I had my accident I had the ability to choose healing over the pressure of returning to work (as a stretch therapist & personal trainer) too soon.
  • Then it became the ability to choose how I spend my day over constantly working.
  • More recently, it’s been the ability to choose a comfortable work environment a toxic one.

Now more than ever I know the ability to choose your work environment is becoming increasingly important. There are a lot of companies forcing employees to comply with a medical decision or not provide for their family.

I don’t believe that’s much of a choice and I don’t believe that symbolizes freedom, but that’s a conversation for another day.

What I know is, my friends (and I) who made the choice to invest in network marketing (less than part time) have the option to choose. We are able to step away from jobs/careers which no longer align with our beliefs.

So friends, hear me when I say a second stream of income is for everyone. Financial health is for everyone; especially right now. Please don’t think it’s too late, because it’s not.

If you’re driven and coachable, I’d love to link arms to show you what is possible with Isagenix.

Maybe Isagenix isn’t right for you, and that’s okay but find something. Maybe now isn’t your time, and that’s okay too, I’ll be here when you’re ready.

Stop letting life happen to you and start making active decisions.


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