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Challenge Yourself

2020, is the year to challenge yourself. Challenge your beliefs, your actions, your current reality. Approach the year with an open mind and open heart.

I was involved in a friendly discussion on Facebook regarding Network Marketing (NWM) last night. A little back-story, the group is all women who have expressed many times their dislike for NWM as a whole. I will not say everyone feels that way but the majority does. Which is ironic to me because it’s a podcast group with paid sponsorship, but I digress. Also, there is a difference between multilevel marketing (MLM) and NWM, I am not going to get into those details for now but just know they are not the same and it’s a common misconception. 

A member of the abovementioned group asked why the majority of the group does not like MLMs. Upon reading the some of the responses for my own education I engaged with a few simply to offer my brief option, as I do not like to do the comment war thing on social media. 

After thinking about the women’s responses I came to a few conclusions and posted this on my personal Facebook page:

I’ve come to the conclusion most negative opinions about NWM come from 1- a lack of knowledge/education about the industry and/or 2- lack of trust in humans to make logical choices on their own.

If Susan from accounting wants to try a new protein powder from a NWM company, let her. It’s not your business.

If Janet from the gym wants to try a new shampoo from a NWM company, let her. It’s not your business.

If cousin Sarah wants to sell makeup from a NWM company because she has down time as a stay at home mom, let her. It’s not your business.

If NWM isn’t for you, cool. But don’t push your opinions on others. Example: Eating meat isn’t for me but I don’t bring it up to others unless asked. Why? It’s not my business.

The problem is the uneducated are speaking the loudest; so, friends don’t listen to the crowd. Stay in your lane & make (educated) choices that align with your life (& goals).

🍻 to a happy & healthy 2020.

Disclaimer: I will say emphatically, what I am about to write only pertains to Isagenix. It is the only NWM company I am partnered with because of it’s high standards because of that I cannot speak to other companies as I do not know how they operate.

I was thinking during my second workout today (a long walk in Santa Monica) a little more about NWM, about Isagenix specifically, and about the preconceived notions surrounding both. 

A lot of women have told me they do not like NWM because the people higher up sell others the promise of making money (aka get rich quick). 

I want to make it crystal clear I was never told that. I was shown the possibility but it was never guaranteed. I think this can be summarized as a rumor. My assumption is someone new in NMW said something similar to make money quickly and through the game of telephone it has taken on a life of it’s own.

Then, I started thinking about college. I asked myself why I went. If you do not know me well, I have a Master’s degree in qualitative and quantitative psychology. I have worked as a jury consultant and in market research. I understand the hierarchy of corporate America first hand.

I really started to examine why I went to college. Let me preface this by stating I do not regret going to college nor my career path. I was simply questioning why because so often we, society, get caught up in doing something because we are “suppose” to do it. 

Here is my answer. People with degrees and careers I aspired to (aka higher up than me) emphasized the importance of a college education. They never promised me I would make money, they simply expressed if I did the work I would have the opportunity to make money in my desired field. 

And so I did. (I would do it all again in a heart beat if given the opportunity. undergraduate and graduate school were my most profound and educational years of my life.) When I completed my undergraduate degree and graduate school no one was waiting for me at the end of the stage with a job offer. No one was handing out checks to cover my student loans. 

I had an opportunity.  

This is the same posture for NWM; if one does the work they will be given the opportunity to make money. 

The most important aspect of NWM is the equal playing field. NWM takes professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, stay at home parents, hair dressers, college drop outs, all nationalities and genders and provides each one of them the SAME opportunity

So I ask you, SISTER (and I’m speaking loudly friend),

What is it about NWM marketing as a woman you are against?

  • Is it equal opportunity?
  • Is it equal pay for equal work?
  • Is it the encouragement to grow mentally and emotionally?
  • Is it the guidance to become healthy?
  • Is it the option for a stay at home parent to contribute financially?
  • Is it the choice for a parent to choose to be with their kid(s) rather than send them to day care?
  • Is it the possibility to live debt free?
  • Is it the realization you have to work to get paid?
  • Is it the ability to be your own boss with a low start up cost?
  • Is it the thought your best friend or spouse will put in the work and out grow you?
  • Is it the idea you are responsible for where you are in life?
  • Is it the realization you were sold a lie of what success needs to look like?

I personally believe so many individuals do not like NWM because they are afraid of hard work. The majority of society is bringing in maximum paychecks while doing minimum work. No one can tell me they have not slacked off once on the job (e.g., long lunch, checking IG while in the bathroom, calling out “sick” to binge watch TV, etc.). No one. With NWM you do not get paid unless you do the work, every single day. Please, stop expecting to get something (a pay check) for doing nothing.

If you want to stay “safe” and (still) believe NWM is not for you, I’m okay with it, it is not for everyone. Just be honest with yourself about why it is not for you.

Because sister, I promise if you look at the very core of Isagenix with an open mind and open heart, every feminine bone in your body will be lit up with possibility. 

Stop letting your fear hold not only you back but also the ones you love. You were made for so much more.

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