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I don’t need to tell you about chronic stress

The way it can make you feel, what it can do to your mind, and the profound negative impacts it has on your health; unfortunately, we are all too familiar with it already. This is why a product like Adaptogen Elixir packed, with stress fighting adaptogens, is the miracle everyone needs. 

I have been taking this 2x a day for the past 11 days, I FEEL the difference. 

As a type-A , high strung person (aka control freak) I thought I managed stress well with my workouts but I have never been able to emotionally handle stress. Before, if I was stressed everyone around me knew it.

I would snap and let outside circumstances influence my mood. (Why is my husband loading the dishwasher that way?! 😡Sound familiar?🙋🏼‍♀️) 
Part of my inability to emotionally handle stress was from my lack of quality sleep. 

Honestly, I gave up on (consistently) feeling fully rested back in graduate school; now, between living in an apartment, a puppy, and 18 year old senior chihuahua there is always something happening at night. Two weeks ago once something or someone woke me up it was close to impossible for me to go back to sleep.

I could not quiet my mind.

It the opposite now with this 2 ounces bottle of liquid gold; as an adult, I have never slept so regularly. I have never been able to emotionally handle stress the way I am now.

I feel calm, relaxed, in control. 🙏🏼

@isagenix proudly brought adaptogens themselves to the Western world 20 years ago, and we just keep improving them! 👏🏻 

This Adaptogen Elixir is 3x the concentration of our current adaptogen products; and with that, if you experience stress or if you long for better quality sleep, try it (risk free) for yourself! 

Extended this week (ends 8/15), we have free shipping on our 3 Adaptogen Elixir Bundles for new and current customers. 

Let me help you, one magic bottle at a time. 

Give me 30 days and you’ll NEVER look back.

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