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Prejudice and Ignorance

If you know me at all or even have read some of my blogs then you are acutely aware that I believe everyone has a right to their opinion. However I get increasingly upset when people choose ignorance over progression and education.

This is an actual comment left on my post ::Prop 8 Video::

Michael(new comment) said:
I voted yes on 8. I agree with you that everyone deserves to be happy in their life. However, I don’t see marriage as a “civil right” like voting, free speech and other ‘rights’.

In California, gays can register under our existing “Domestic Partnership” laws. The Domestic Partnership laws encompass EVERYTHING that marriage legally includes PLUS it is easier and less expensive to register a domestic partnership than a marriage.

Marriage should be reserved for men and women as it has been for the past 2,500 years of human history.

Here is my response:


I honestly do not see how gays getting married effects straight people in any way.
If it cost more to get married would that not stimulate the horrible Californian economy?

Furthermore your point about marriage remaining how it was 2,500 years ago is absurd. If we as a society never progressed we would still shot people instead of using lethal injections, the rich would still have slaves, blacks and women would be unable to vote, 14 year old girls would be married made mothers and never educated, and a black man would not be President of this country.
The foundation of the United States Of America is FREEDOM!

When does the controlling stop?!

Do we now begin to state that inter-racial couples cannot marry? That a Jew cannot marry a Catholic?

All reasons I have been told that gays should not marry are religious based. Which I find ironic that in a country where one can choose their religion, but not who to marry.

I believe instead of infringing on the rights of gay people maybe as a state we should start infringing upon the rights of ignorant, uneducated people.

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  • Lars

    First the issue that bugs me that this is a huge separation of church and state. The argument is about giving a group the same rights as everyone which is what our country was founded on. To many religious organizations have come forward saying this will affect your family and what marriage means. Thats where I feel the church is crossing the line. Marriage will mean gay and lesbian couples will enjoy the same benefits that any straight couple automatically deserves. So I suggest that is anyone we take a different approach to things. If our government is willing to single out a group of people and say you are not worthy of something then why not single another group out and claim the same to them. So I say if you are a christian you cannot drive a car, if you are short you cannot go to college… Sound absurd? So do the people who voted for prop 8. They are misinformed and have been sadly mislead by the Church… would jesus discriminate like you do? Didn’t jesus love everyman and woman equally? Doesn’t the bible even say something about loving thy neighbor? I think the church has become a hypocrite and might as well say it supports Jim Crow Laws.

    second it only affect your family if you are ignorant about the fact that gay and lesbian couple are not around you in your everyday life. What needs to happen is education. these are people who lead a different lifestyle and that has given us as much culture as many other nations have through out the world and yet we shun them for being different.

    Shame on the Church and shame on our country for not separating church and state as our forefathers wanted, you all have done a disservice to the constitution that we all live by everyday.

    I am straight and I voted no on prop 8