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::Birthday Celebration::

Pink Balloons

Austin and I are heading to Vegas this evening to celebrate my birthday and pick up his new truck!
It is going to be a busy two days and I have to squeeze in every minute of studying I can!

We land today at 6:30 pm and have to meet the guy Austin bought the truck from.
Then its time to check into the hotel and see what kind of trouble everyone is going to get into.
Hopefully tonight will be a low key since tomorrow is going to be crazy!

Tomorrow is either a pool day or a shopping day, I have not quite decided yet.
Dinner at my favorite sushi place in the MGM!
Followed by Zumanity.
After that we will head to The Bank for a night of bottle service and good people!

We are driving the new truck home on Monday morning/afternoon. The only down side to this weekend is the test I have to take at 9:00 am on Tuesday oh and the stress of the GRE in two weeks.

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