::Death Row Inmate’s Last Words::

Most Americans are aware that the state of Texas has carried out more executions than any other state.
What might surprise many is the easy access to criminal information in the Lone Star State.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice has recently released the last words of all 441 inmates put to death since 1982.
Along with the last words is a break down of age, ethnicity and education.

Inmate 555 aka Charles Rumbaugh

Sentence to die for killing a man during a jewelry store robbery. Rumbaugh was convicted in 1975 and put to death in Septerber 11th, 1985, at the age of 28.


Rumbaugh’s last words;

D.J., Laurie, Dr. Wheat, about all I can say is goodbye, and for all the rest of you, although you don’t forgive me for my transgressions, I forgive yours against me. I am ready to begin my journey and that’s all I have to say.

As an ever evolving student of Psychology I am fascinated my this information; most men were young, under educated and worked labor intensive jobs. Most men who gave last words mentioned God and forgiveness.

I believe this information says a great deal about our justice system and our society. Most Americans never think twice about crime, unless it happens to them directly. This is an opportunity to realize that crime is every where.

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  • D.J

    This was my uncle, i have never read these words and am shocked I am the first one he mentions for I have no memory of him i wish i did

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