Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to attend AP-LS Miami!

The trip began a little rocky with a lady spilling her soda on and in my new LV bag, on my computer and school books; our hotel room was not ready when we arrived at 11:30 pm (don’t get me started on the Hyatt), not to mention I was completely exhausted.

It did not take me long to forget all my worries and realize the beauty that surrounded me, a mojito or two helped as well! Austin and I headed to a local bar on the advice of the hotel employees to enjoy cold beer, local people and a wonderful warm March evening.

Wednesday: Austinand I rented a car and explored South Beach and the Keys. Enjoyed a beautiful lunch on the beach soaking up the Florida sunshine. It was a perfect day in my eyes.

Thursday: I was at the conference most of the day, meeting new and wonderful people. I heard one of the best keynote speakers of my life that day, Bryan Stevenson. Not only did he captivate the audience with his charming stories, I believed he inspired us all to be more forgiving and humble human beings. I remain somewhat speechless regarding his talk, but inspired to have a career in which I help make this world a better place. Even if it is for only one person.
Austin and I were excited to jump aboard the Lady Windridge for our three hour “cruise” around Biscayne Bay. The yacht never departed due to high winds, but the evening was filled with good drinks and great people.

Friday: Was a little rough after an open bar yacht cruise and a night out in downtown Miami. However, we managed to pull ourselves together and explore what downtown Miami had to offer in the daylight. Austin is absolutely obsessed with Burn Notice. So he took me on an adventure to find all the iconic spots on the show. We found the breath taking Bay Front Park. Where I managed a little nap under the warm sun. However, we never arrived at the cafe from the show, just a sad replacement that smelled like cat pee. As Austin headed off to the Wordcamp Miami speaker dinner, I headed down stairs to mingle at a few of the receptions this amazing conference had to offer.

Saturday: Was another day filled with AP-LS amazing-ness for me while, Austin attended and presented at Wordcamp Miami. This was definitely the most productive day for me. I met great students enrolled in J.D./Ph.D. programs, I attended some amazing presentations and for the first time I felt as though I belonged. I had found my peers, people with similar interest as mine.I felt as though I have a purpose. Hopefully, life long friendships began in Miami.

Here are a few photos: