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::Female Prisoners In California May be Eligible for Early Release::

If you live in California you are aware of the ever shirking budget and the over populated prison system. In order to remedy both situations the state proposed many programs for early release of some inmates. Some of you may recall a program Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law back in 2010, The Alternative Custody Program. This program will allow,

Offenders whose crimes are nonviolent, non serious, and not sexual, with less than two years remaining on their sentences are eligible for the program.

CNN reported that nearly 45% of California’s 10,000 female inmates are eligible for this program, which to effect September 12th. The new law requires all females who are in the program to serve the remainder of their sentence on house arrest or at a substance abuse facility. All inmates in the program will be monitored by an electronic monitor and regular visits from a parole officer. The inmates will be encouraged to seek employment and/or attend classes while completing their sentences.

I feel it is safe to say that those in charge of California believe they have actually found a way to reduce the overcrowding in the prison system. I on the other hand am not so convinced. Only time will tell if the newly instated law will actually help the struggling state or simply make things worse.

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