::Valentine’s Day::

As a young child I loved Valentine’s day. I would wake up each February the 14th to a box of chocolates and a small gift from my father. Perhaps, all the presents as a child spoiled me once I reached adolescence, because during my teen-age years I began to hate Valentine’s day. I saw it as a holiday that forced couples to spend stupid amounts of money on items that would be soon forgotten. More over, I felt Valentine’s day implied that those who were single were insignificant one day a year. Simply put, I believed February 14th came with too much pressure.

As I have grown a little wiser and my work days a little longer I see a little sliver of romance in the holiday. I still believe buying flowers, huge stuffed teddy bears, and jewelry as a sign of affection is stupid. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a day that forces each of us to slow down, remember the ones we love and to tell our significant others how much they mean to us. Valentine’s day should not be about the amount of money your loved one spends, but instead about appreciating all that we have.

Our lives are inundated with social media; text messages, bbms, ichat, e-cards, facebook, and twitter. With all the technology surrounding each of us it is incredibly easy to tell someone you love them. So take a minute and tell your friends, parents, siblings, and significant others you love and appreciate them.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!