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::Moving Forward, Slowly::

Move forward, slowly. The last 8 days have been beyond difficult without Keiki.

We’re all trying to figure out a new normal while being forced to face a difficult loss.

I have been trying to find joy without being forceful.

I have been trying to stay connected without reliving Keiki’s loss.

It’s not easy.

I keep reminding myself of the good times with Keiki + the feeling of loss is selfish.

When I see Anela confused, lonely, + searching for her daughter my heartbreaks.

I have limited social media because I see so many happy faces + cute dogs but I’m stuck between being happy for them + wondering what I could have done different for Keiki.

I’m learning to move with a little more patience + grace.

We’re all trying to figure out a new normal.

Stay healthy, stay home.💖

Jeana & Anela walking at sunset.

Featured image by Matt Hardy on Unsplash

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