Network Marketing

Network Marketing

I was talking with a fellow fitness professional who has been thinking of partnering with me in this business but she’s concerned with how it will look (to clients) being involved with network marketing

There’s a lot to unpack here, but let me take this opportunity to be crystal clear on one thing incase you’re in the same position.

  • Affiliate marketing IS network marketing.
  • Influencer marketing IS network marketing.
  • Being paid to post (aka sponsored post) IS network marketing.
  • A brand partnership IS network marketing.
  • Earning a referral bonus IS network marketing.
  • Being a brand ambassador IS network marketing.

All of the above mentioned avenues of making money utilize one’s NETWORK (e.g., followers, friends, acquaintances, etc.) in order to earn money.

The difference between us who partner with Isagenix, & them- is we have the ability to earn substantial upfront bonuses & unlimited (residual) income (to name a couple).

So before you discount this profession, understand it’s more common than you think & you may already be dabbling in it. 

Featured image by Adem AY on Unsplash

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