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Why I Share NWM

I often think about why I share the amazing vehicle that is Network Marketing (NWM), specifically Isagenix. It use to be hard for me to put my finger on it, but not now. Not today.

A year ago I wrote a blog in response to something I read on Facebook.

The blog stayed in my drafts for weeks, until I attended a company event, NYKO.

When I left Arizona I was confused…

Not about our company or our industry, honestly the complete opposite.

I was confused as to why every single person wasn’t jumping at the opportunity to partner with this company, even just part time. 

When I returned home I published the blog because I began to understand people just need a little more information NWM. They don’t know what they don’t know.

Little did I know 2020 would turn the world on it’s head  and my post would be even more relevant now, a year later.

I encourage you to read my blog here.

Please, make no mistake our products are life changing.

They are backed by science and hundreds of thousands of success stories.

But that’s not why I share Isagenix.

I share because now more than ever each family deserves a way to make money from home in the pockets of their time.

I share because I know the ability to make an unlimited income would bless so many.

I share because we each deserve to go to sleep at night with a little less stress.

I share because this is a legacy company that wants us to succeed physically, emotionally, and financially.

Friend, maybe unemployment isn’t making ends meet like it once was and your job is still closed. Maybe, you’re tired or worrying if your name is in the next round of layoffs.

This opportunity is for every single one of you.

You just have to want to get off the hamster wheel. If you’re ready for more, my inbox is open.💖

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