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Morning Routine

Let’s talk morning routine, do you have one? Does your weekday routine differ from your weekend routine?

I just finished listening to Atomic Habits, where James Clear talks about habit stacking. I had never heard this term before but it makes so much sense.

Now I understand why my days are so much more productive when I do my morning routine compared to when I blow it off (because certain habits cue me to do about task).

In addition, I understand why it’s so much easier to develop new habits in the morning (compared to the afternoon); because I had the morning habit of taking my fur babies outside first thing it was easy to stack additional habits. 

I’m currently working on my afternoon routine, it’s a little more difficult because each day flows a little different; BUT, I’m using habit cues instead of ⏰.

Here’s what my morning looks like, regardless of location…

{After I take the 🐶🐶 to pee.}

  • Drink 10-15 ounces of water.
  • List 3 things I’m grateful for (out loud because it’s not 📱 time yet).
  • While the ☕️ brews: 💃🏼party to feel good music*, take vitamins, collagen, detox gold, & feed the 🐶🐶.
  • Quiet time on the couch with 🐶🐶 & 📚 (at least 30 minutes).

Did you find this useful? Let me know via email or DM; I would love to connect!💖

*I use a play list on my Apple Watch with AirPods for this so I don’t feel tempted to scroll social, check emails, or waste time “looking” for a song & my husband is usually still asleep.

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