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Drama Free

Hi, just a reminder… If they gossip with you they’ll gossip about you. Below are some tips to be drama free in 2021. 😀

👇🏼My tips for finding people who brag about you behind your back (not gossip):

  • 1-Eliminate drama from your life; stop reading, watching, liking, listening, creating, + tolerating it. Just stop. Cold turkey, let that shit go. I promise, it’s not serving you.
  • 2-Have solution based conversations. When someone comes to you with an issue let them know you’ll listen but only if they’re open to a solution, stop wasting time on repeat convos.
  • 3-Surround yourself with people who are (or have been) where you want to go; regardless of your goal (e.g., physical, financial, emotional, etc.).
  • 4-Envision who you want to be in 5, 10, or 15 years + start showing up as that person. Seriously, when you find yourself off task ask yourself if this is what future you would be doing…
  • 5-Remember, growth isn’t for everyone, some enjoy bing stuck; it gives them something to talk (aka complain) about.

Let me know how these steps serve you in the upcoming weeks (via email or IG). 💖

Featured image by Carlos Quintero on Unsplash

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