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How to Create New Habits

As 2021 comes to an end we all have big goals for the New Year, I know creating new habits (e.g., consuming better food) can seem daunting. I wanted to take a second and share a few tips on How to Create New Habits.

The most important step is to find accountability. It’s easy to have big goals and good intentions when you’re motivated, but motivation doesn’t last. There comes a point when we all need something bigger to stay on track, this is where accountability is key. 

The next best way to ensure a good habit stay in your routine is by habit stacking. Basically, you use a current habit (e.g., drinking coffee) and stack another habit after it, so drinking coffee becomes the trigger for a new habit. For example: After I drink my morning coffee I will go for a 10 minute walk. James Clear talks about this concept in his book, Atomic Habits.

Lastly, stay consistent for 30 days. Give your body time to adjust to all the changes you’re asking of it. It may seem like work now, but eventually it will be second nature.

I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes today to reflect on your current routine, what you do without thinking throughout the day; and, how those established habits can help you with your wellness goals (habit staking).

I suggest writing the new habits you would like to implement down somewhere you will see them frequently along side why you want said habit. A gentle reminder everyday will keep your focused on the task until it’s a habit. 

I would love to hear a new habit your implementing this month! 👇🏼 

For me, it’s water before coffee in the morning; the habit stacking is drinking water while the coffee is brewing. 

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