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Easy Route

Right now it feels as though everyone wants the easy (and fast) route.

Quick weight loss and get rich quick courses, etc. 

I get it, by it’s very definition the easy route is less complicated in terms of obstacles; but, I have found it to be over populated and underwhelming.

The easy route does not require integrity nor does it build (self) discipline and thus the results do not last.

There are numerous social psychology studies which support this concept. When success is given (or faked) the recipient does not value it and let’s it slip away. The more concerning data show the sense of entitlement which accompanies easy success. In other words, the more an individual is exposed to easy (unearned success) the more they expect success in other areas.

No thank you. I will be over here, on the difficult path- keeping the promises I made to myself. My hope is that you will join me, when you are ready.💖J

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