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Expectation is the root of all disappointment.

Hear me out, I am speaking in terms of other’s behavior.

When you have an expectation others should act, communicate, or love as you would; and they do not, your feelings are (often) hurt. 

At first you may feel sad, angry, or even frustrated; however, the root of the emotion is disappointment.

Before you react, breath for a second because you are not innocent here, you likely did not communicate said expectation, and if you did it is time to evaluate your standards.  

There are some who say in order to escape disappointment match (other’s) energy, aka only do what they would do. 

I do not agree with that. 

I say go all all in; love hard and be kind.

But, understand the very minuscule difference between expectations and standards. 

An expectation is when you believe something will happen, how someone else will behave.

A standard is the level of behavior you are willing to accept from others.

Keep your standards high, let people show up how they will- proceed accordingly.💖J

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