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Travel Tips: Flying with Your Dog to Cabo

Now that you have read everything you need to prepare to take your fur-baby to Cabo, here are a few (day of) Tavel Tips: Flying with Your Dog to Cabo.

Before the airport:

Our flights to and from Cabo were early so we skipped breakfast. Austin and I took away Kamea’s water after she drank upon waking. We did our morning routine, just a few hours earlier.

I double checked I had easy access to all of Kamea’s stuff (there is a list below).

I kept Kamea in her carrier on the ride to LAX so it would be easier once we arrived at LAX to get out and grab our luggage.

Departing LAX:

Kamea remained in her carrier while we were chatting with the agent, mostly because she is small I did not want her to be hit by someone else’s luggage. The agent asked for our passports, payment for Kamea (to Cabo), and checked our bags.


I kept Kamea in her carrier as we walked towards TSA as well, people just do not pay attention when traveling and TSA lines are small.

We have pre-check, once we arrived we put our bags on the conveyer belt and then I removed Kamea from her bag (I kept her harness on her) and placed her bag on the conveyer belt as well.

I held Kamea and walked though normally. After we gathered out belongings I let Kamea walk (on leash) to the pet relief area. LAX has a map of the pet relief area locations based on terminal.

I let Kamea smell and roam around (on leash) until it was time to board- then she went back in her carrier (after wiping her paws, the need for baby wipes on the list). 

During the flight:

I kept Kamea in her carrier on my lap with the top open and gave her a few treats as everyone else boarded. When the pilot instructed the flight attendants to prepare for take off I offered her a little water and then placed her (in her carrier) on the ground.

When the cabin pressure began to change I gave Kamea some of her treats so she had something to chew. I did this on departure and arrival.

Once we landed I brought the carrier onto my lap and unzipped the top so she could poke her head out. 

Arriving to SJD (Cabo airport): 

After deplaning per usual, I kept Kamea in her carrier (walking can trigger dog’s bladders) with the top open so she could see. 

The first check point is normal, we presented our passports and paperwork.

Once we arrived to the baggage claim area we stopped at the OISA office (it is right next to the currency exchange, I passed it the first time).

The officer took Kamea’s documentation (from the veterinarian) and my passport to her computer, this process took about 10 minutes. Once complete the officer returned my passport, Kamea’s documentation (which I put away), and an additional piece of paper (Kamea’s approved entry form).

Note: Be sure to keep your dog’s entry for with yours, you will need it at customs.

After collecting our bags we headed to customs. Here, we loaded our bags to be scanned (normal procedure) and handed the customs officer our entry paperwork and Kamea’s entry form the OISA officer, pressed the button to continue.

Upon exiting there is a grass area to the right, this is where I took Kamea out of her carrier (since boarding at LAX).

Leaving SJD:

Prior to arriving to the the airport our routine was the same as mentioned above. 

Reminder, the only pet relief area at SJD is outside. 

We stopped to let Kamea pee before we entered the airport. I placed her in her carrier with the top unzipped and we proceeded to the ticket counter.

The process was the same as LAX; we showed our passports, paid for Kamea’s flight, and checked our bags.

The process for TSA was the same, I walked through holding Kamea (she wore her harness), from there I let her walk through the airport.

Once we arrived at our gate I noticed there were not any pet relief areas past security (that I saw), so 15 before boarding I took Kamea into the family bathroom for one more bathroom opportunity (on a wee wee pad).

In flight:

My process was the same as going to Cabo. 

Arriving at LAX:

Again, deplane per usual; I left Kamea in her carrier (with the top open).

Proceed through US customs as we normally would and on to baggage claim. There are no additional stops coming back into the US.

There no pet relief areas in Tom Brady terminal for arrivals, or at least that I saw. After baggage claim, I took Kamea across the street to the use the restroom while we waited for our car.

In summary, you only need to make 3 (three) additional stops: Ticket counter leaving (both ways) and OISA office on arrival in Cabo.

I hope this was helpful for all those who are considering flying with their dog, domestic or international, wIth a little planning is so easy!

For all my Type-A people, here is my packing check list for Kamea!

Note- Kamea’s carrier was my personal item; therefore, I had a carry on suitcase and one checked suitcase.


  • -Leash
  • -Harness
  • -Blanket
  • -Poo bags
  • -Treats
  • -Water bowl
  • -Favorite toy

Carry on:

  • -Documentation
  • -Medication
  • -Baby wipes
  • -Small fan
  • -Shoes
  • -Food (for the trip)
  • -Wee wee pads (4)


  • -Food plate
  • -Favorite ball
  • -Additional wee wee pads
  • -Extra poo bags

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Here are links to a handful of products I find extremely useful for all travel with Kamea.

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