10 Years of Marriage

Happy 10th Anniversary, Austin

It is difficult to believe it has been 10 years of marriage (18 years together); and, what an experience it has been.

The truth is, I have revised this post many times before today because so much has happened the last two weeks; it is hard for me to celebrate in the midst of so much sadness.

I will work on allowing two emotions to exist at the same time, for now I will celebrate you, us.

 You came into my life when I least expected it. We said I do without a clear plan (extremely shocking for me, I know), but we had love.

When I look back at times it feels as though nothing has changed- maybe because we still live on 18th (🤣), but it also feels as though so much has changed.

The safety you provide me has allowed my to grow into a better woman, for that I am forever grateful.

I love you more today than I did 10 years ago.

🎶Here’s to us, here’s to love.

All the times, that we messed up.

Here’s to you, fill the glass.

‘Cause the last few days years have kicked my ass.

So let’s give ‘em hell.

Wish everybody well, here’s to us.🎶  

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