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Stop thinking wellness (i.e., fitness, nutrition, etc.) has to be all or nothing. 

I believe the current wellness industry does a diservice with the expectation of all or nothing. 

A five minute walk is better than sitting all day.

A twenty minute body weight workout is better than no movement.

Adding one serving of vegetables per day is better than no vegetables.

Taking the stairs one time a day is better than not taking the stairs at all. 

Small efforts compound over time which result in increased confidence; and, thus additional effort with additional results (aka improved wellness).

I believe there is a time and place for big goals and extreme changes (e.g., if you want to drop 20 punds before summer you will need extreme changes); BUT, I am a firm believer is not everyone’s goal and it does not have to be.

I know the majority of research is done on extreme changes so it is easier to talk about, hence why so many do it.

Honestly, if the wellness industry told to truth there would not be any bootcamps or big booty workouts to sell on account the truth is simple and not sexy.

The truth is, wellness is boring becuase it requires discipline (which can be built with small changes). 

A little movement when you do not feel like getting out of bed. A little more protien when you really want chocolate.   

Stop letting the highlight reels (aka social media) talk you out of starting small.

We all deserve wellness, and; it is more attainable than most think. 🩷J  

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