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Secret to Success

I regualry reevalute my life implement newly learned straegies; however, I feel most post about the Secret to Success are a little lackluster. They try to overcomplicate it. Here is my secret to success, simplifed; scoll to the bootm if you are looking for the cliffs notes version.

Recently whiel mindlessly scrooling I saw a reel that said something to the effect of, you do not have to pay me for my knoweldge. 

At first I thought it was stupid, I scrolled by without a second thought.

But, as I think about the message it makes sense; and, I wholeheartedly agree. 

What I learned, and it took me a while, as an adjuct professor and jury consultant is by helping others we inherently help ourselves (to become better).

For many years I thought the secret to success was not giving away everything I know. It was the business model of many people before me; and, perhaps it worked before the internet.

I have come to learn success is actually the opposite; I should give away what I know, the ‘secret’ is in the work most people are unwilling to do.

Cliffs notes: The secret to success is to help others succeed.🩷J

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