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Five Items to Check/Discard

The easiest way to build a new habit is to stack it to a habit already in place. I like to use holidays and daylight savings as reminders to clean house (aka spring clean). Here is my list of five items to check/discard while we reset the clocks.

Pantry foods:

Frequently when we buy in bulk some items get shoved to the back only to be forgotten about. This is especially easy to do if you have lived in the same place for a while. You know the meme of eating 12 year old bacon bits at your parents’ house. 🤮


These products are not used every day so it is easy to have an old jar of mayo or bottle of mustard. 

Tip-I like to write the expiration date on top of the lid when I bring home a new item so I am reminded to do this more frequently with ease.

Medicine cabinet/first aid:

Not a super used area but one you need to work as directed when you need it! Items such as  hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and burn treatments all have a shelf life.

I found Neosporin expired in 2009- yikes! 

Tip-A great time to see what you need to replace (e.g., band aids, Advil, etc.).


The FDA only requires sunscreen to work at it is labeled strength for 3 years. 

That means you could be using a bottle labeled 50 SPF but really it is working like 15.

Tip-Check your SPF lip balm too.


Old makeup can clog pores and have bacteria which may lead to a bad reaction.

Also, if you still have a lot of the product it is probably not in your daily rotation so it is a great time to adjust your routine.

Tip- Wash makeup brushes and throw out spoolies.

I hope this reminder help you to have less in 2024. 🩷J

*I’m not saying be strict with the expiration dates- obviously use your judgement (or google).

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