::Miranda’s Surprise Birthday Party-Wine Tasting::

Miranda is the most thoughtful person one could meet. She continually puts her friends and family before herself; in addition, she is the first one to volunteer when there is a party to be planned. Miranda always goes above and beyond for those she loves.  Since I was unable to make Miranda’s 30th birthday due to work, I wanted to put together something special for her. With the help of Miranda’s boyfriend, Ross, I was able to lure her to a local SLO winery, Saucelito.

Saucelito Wine Glass

A group of her close friends were waiting to surprise Miranda with food, wine, and balloons when she pulled up.

Birthday Girl!



Strawberry + Basil (home grown)


Feb. 15, 2015

Renee <3

Ms. B, looking fab!


Even the dogs made an appearance, including Kevin Bacon!


Kevin Bacon the Dog

After drinking the afternoon away at a wonderful winery, a small group headed to Ember, to treat the birthday girl to dinner.


Birthday Surprise!