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You’re Worth It

You’re worth it, take the time to read.

Sis, I’m not here to sell you anything.

I’m not here to convince you this nutrition works.

Because the reality is, your choices are none of my business. 

I’m here to share my journey and show others what is possible. 

Two years ago I said yes and it changed my life.

I was extremely skeptical but I was also tired.

  • Tired of counting calories
  • Tired of hours in the gym. 
  • Tired of saying no bun on my burger and skipping fries.
  • Tired of feeling bloated. 
  • Tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.
  • Tired of tossing and turning every night.

I was tired of being stuck but I thought what if this works.

Jeana November 2017 compared to February 2020 (20+ pound weight loss difference).

The amazing part about this nutrition isn’t the weight loss or increased energy, although those are great side effects. 

It’s the community; the people who are there to cheer me on when I don’t feel like picking myself up. 

This community reminds me that personal growth is necessary for true and lasting change. 

Its so easy to stay stuck, Sis. I get it I was there. 

It’s easy to blame the weight gain on genetics, sleepless nights on your significant other, and failed relationships (romantic or otherwise) on the other person.

It’s easy to cover your insecurities by trashing other women.

But the harsh reality is, all those negative feelings are your responsibility, stop being okay with mediocre and projecting negativity onto the world. 

Life is too short.

True change begins with small steps

Today take a walk and read a personal development book on your lunch break. 

Do it again tomorrow, and everyday this week.

When you’re ready to truly take responsibility for your health, I’ll be here waiting to link arms and cheer you on.

You’re worth it. 💖J 

Featured image by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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